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Restaurant Order Place

Easy to use Administrator settings.

Quickly find what you're looking for. Intuitively laid out for quick access.

Multiple Delivery Zones

Plot your own delivery zone using our integrated Google Maps or set a radial distance from your locations.
Additionally, you'll be able to set delivery fees for each zone and offer free delivery on certain triggers.

Pizza restaurant ordering software
Small restaurant website & apps ordering

Menu Builder

Easy to use Menu builder with tons of features.

Creat unlimited food items, pizza toppings, modifiers & combinations. You'll be able to upload photos, set menu hours and days. There's literally a ton of options available for you to discover.

Multiple Payment Methods

Accept certain payment types for your store and for each location.

Small restaurant website & apps ordering
Free online ordering solution

Customer Loyalty

Reward your customers for staying loyal using the built-in Rewards plu-gin.


Create unlimited coupons for your customers.

Small restaurant website & apps ordering

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