Frequently Asked Questions

Is the platform truly white-label?

Yes - all our branding will be stripped and replaced with yours. You'll also be able to use your own domain name and email.

Is there a fee to receive orders?

We don't charge any additional fees to receive orders. However keep in mind that certain notification services such as faxing and call notifications may carry their own charges.

Can I use my own credit card processor?

We have partnered with certain merchant providers and gateways, which have been fully integrated in our software.
If you want to use your own providers, you're free do so.
A $199 setup fee will be assessed per location and an additional $0.15 per order.

How long until my system is ready for use?

We manually verify and setup each new reseller signups. This process could take up to 72 hours.

Can I use my own designs?

Yes - you can create templates for your restaurants and embed the online ordering (and other pages) directly into the body of the website.

What happens if I go over my maximum stores allowed?

If you've gone over the maximum store your plan allows for, you'll need to upgrade to the next highest plan or purchase an additional plan of the same type.

Can I host my clients on my own server?

Yes - our software is very unique in that it will allow you to fully and seamlessly embed the online ordering in your web design and host it on another server.

Are there any fees to use the pre-built website templates?

No - you're free to use our designs as long as you have an active plan with us.