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We offer a simple, easy-to-use service that works for restaurants of all sizes.

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Using our easy to use Admin Panel, you'll be able to create and manage your stores.

Create store menus, setup delivery zones and manage payment methods from within your Admin Panel.

Choose Your Design

Each WLO package comes with many pre-built website templates that can be re-styled to match your account's branding.

Use our templates our use your own. Our online ordering system is unlike all the others. Easily embed the restaurants online ordering account on any webpage with just a few lines of code.

Built To Compete

WLO has a very robust set of features that come standard on all our plans. Need something specific? Let us know -- we may already have it! Otherwise we'll be more than happy to create new features that will propel our system to the next level.

Branded Mobile Apps

Modernize your restaurants with their very own iPhone and Android apps to match their custom website. Customers can use these mobile apps to place orders on the go from their phones or tablets.


Free Website Templates

See our selection of quality website templates designed for restaurants. View the live previews to see what your restaurant website could look like!

Cloud Printer

Order our specially designed Cloud Printers for your stores. Orders are transmitted directly to the printer (which acts like a mini server) over the internet. These Cloud Printers are standalone devices, which requires no additional setup or equipment to operate. Just connect to your Wifi and you're set!

Full Store Set Up

Great in sales but don't know anything about servers, programming, websites or apps? That's okay! With our Managed License, it's like having your own IT department on standby. We'll perform server maintenance, upgrades & security up-keep while you focus on Sales & Marketing to grow your business.